Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hollywood star Anne Hathaway has opened up about her hurtful breakup from Raffaello Follieri, and is confessing she was in "shock" when she heard about his arrest.The actress split from Follieri last June shortly before he was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering in an alleged scam allowing him to purchase unwanted U.S. properties owned by the Catholic Church. Hathaway tells W magazine, "As soon as I found out about the arrest, I had to get on a plane to Mexico to do a press tour for 'Get Smart.' And then I spent a week in shock at a friend's house. ... I just started to cry because I thought, I don't have a life right now. And I haven't for some time."Hathaway insists it was her friends and cast mates who have helped her get through the horrible ordeal. She adds: "It's a situation where the rug was pulled out from under me all of a sudden. But just as suddenly, my friends threw another rug back under me."Steve Carell stepped up for me during an interview when someone asked a question about it. He said, 'At some point you're going to have to talk about this time in your life. You don't have to do it this week. I'll take care of anything that comes your way.'"Follieri is facing at least four years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of fraud on Wednesday.Follieri, 30, entered his plea to each of 14 counts charging him with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud and money laundering in a Manhattan Federal court in front of U.S. District Judge John Koeltl.In part of a statement Follieri read in court on Wednesday, he said: "I wired money from a New York bank to the Vatican bank in Rome to promote my relationship with the Vatican. ... I knew what I was doing was wrong."As part of his plea, Follieri admitted misappropriating at least $2.4 million of investor money, sending it to foreign personal bank accounts that were disguised as business accounts, and using the funds for his own expenses.On the most serious charges, Follieri faces a possible maximum term of 20 years imprisonment.Speaking outside court, Follieri's lawyer, Flora Edwards, said: "As with many people, he got sidetracked by the need to adopt a lifestyle he couldn't maintain."His sentencing has been scheduled for October 3.
Photo By: Steve Buckley/BuzzFoto

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