Saturday, October 3, 2009


Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were at the 2009 UCLA Department of Neurosurgery's Visionary Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.
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Photo By: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Jenny McCarthy

Hollywood star Jenny McCarthy is turning her back on Playboy magazine so she can focus on "doing something good for women." Jenny began modeling for the publication in 1993, before launching a acting career, but the actress is admitting she's found more pleasure in helping other women since becoming a mom and huge autism activist. McCarthy tells the New York Daily News, "Right now, I'm so happy playing for the girls team. There was a time when I was happy to take off the bikini for guys, but I spent 14 years pleasing men, and now I'm focusing on doing something good for women. "I only really read Playboy to know what kind of grooming patterns are popular nowadays." Jenny is also hoping the magazine's bosses will eventually turn to older centerfolds to fill their pages, adding, "I don't really care about (younger celebrities). I mean, so many are prancing around in bikinis, it's like, whatever. I'd like to see Sophia Loren pose."

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is addicted to eating nachos and hates exercising. The stunning actress - who is dating Jim Carrey - struggles to maintain any sort of exercise regime and finds it difficult to control her cravings for the corn chip snack. She said: "I love nachos! I have my once-a-month nachos but with soy cheese and turkey chilli on it, so it's somewhat safe. But it's still a big vice for me, because I have a big bowl of it." Jenny has a home gym but admits she hardly ever uses it for anything other than drying her clothes. She explained to People magazine: "It mostly dries my clothes but that's where I work out, when I do." To keep her sexy physique, the former Playboy Playmate sticks to a Weight Watchers eating plan, the famous worldwide diet club of which Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is the spokesperson. She said: "I'm still on the Weight Watchers kind of thing, so I just remember to count my points throughout the day. Fruits are zero points, vegetables are zero points, so I make sure I use that to bulk up, and then make sure I have my protein. I usually have my protein at lunch and my carbs at night - I don't mix protein and carbs." Jenny, 34, insists she has no intention of succumbing to the pressure to become a size zero and is proud of her famous curves. She said: "You're always going to have your anorexics and you're always going to have your bulimics. But I'm hoping that young girls will look up to the girls that are normal sizes, and know that super, super skinny is not pretty - just ask any guy! "Ask the guy, 'Do you think that skin and bones running on the beach is attractive?' They'll say, 'Hell no!' "

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Jenny McCarthy says she "strives" to emulate Goldie Hawn's love life. The presenter-and-actress, who has been dating actor Jim Carrey for more than a year, wants her relationship to be as successful as Goldie and Kurt Russell's - who are not married despite being lovers for 25 years. McCarthy told People magazine: "There will be no wedding. Goldie and Kurt have it made, and that's what we can strive for." The 34-year-old blond, who has a five-year-old autistic son Evan Joseph from a previous relationship, also revealed she doesn't want children with Carrey. She said: "I'm completely fine not having any more children. I completely love mine, and I love giving him all of my attention." McCarthy, whose book 'Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism' is due out in September, says Evan helps keep her in shape. She said: "He's doing great. I pick him up from pre-school, take him to gym class, then speech therapy. I take him home, we play, I feed him, I give him a bath and then I read him a bedtime story and put him to bed. So that's my workout." McCarthy also revealed she and Carrey are planning to take it easy this summer. She said: "Our summer agenda is beach, beach, beach. We want to sit and do nothing. Just stare at the ocean."

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