Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wild party boy Pete Doherty has been asked to help publicize the problems of a German soccer club and to help it avoid bankruptcy. The Babyshambles rocker supported local team KFC Uerdingen when he lived at a British army base near the city of Krefeld as a little boy. So KFC Uerdingen officials have now asked Doherty, who they hope will help raise awareness of the club’s financial situation and increase ticket sales, to visit when his band is touring in nearby Cologne next week. Doherty’s manager Adrian Hunter says, "I know he has some affection for the club and he would be happy to do something if he has time."

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Pete Doherty has vowed to stay clean after a magistrate revoked his drug treatment order yesterday. The Babyshambles frontman made the pledge outside London's Thames Magistrates' Court just moments after District Judge Jane McIvor decided to release him from the six months left on his two-year supervision order. Pete said: "I'm quite proud but this is just the beginning. "I have just had enough already. My life has changed. I'm still a bit wobbly but I'm taking one day at a time." Speaking at a review hearing held to monitor Pete's progress in drug rehabilitation, Judge McIvor said: "I am going to revoke the last six months of the order. "There is no need for any statutory supervision or state funding because the plan that's already in place, the experts have convinced me, is going to be followed. I wish you well." Pete was arrested in December while carrying heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis resin and cannabis. He was arrested again in January while in possession of heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis. The 28-year-old star has spent two days a week in voluntary drug rehabilitation and has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Pete is due in court later this week to be sentenced for driving illegally while in possession of drugs in Kensington, London, in May.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Cocaine Kate Moss and Druggie Pete Doherty

Kate Moss dumped rocker Pete Doherty because he had a death wish. During the final stages of their relationship, the 33-year-old model became convinced the Babyshambles rocker planned to follow in the footsteps of his rock 'n' roll idols and die young after discovering his will. A friend is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "Everyone thinks Kate ended it with Pete after pictures came out of him taking a model home. "But that's not the reason - the real reason is because of Pete's death wish. Kate found a will he has recently written because he thinks his time will be up soon. "She believes he wants to carve a place in rock 'n' roll history as one of the legendary hellraisers such as Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious and Jimi Hendrix, who all died in their prime." Kate was said to be even more incensed because Pete, 28, told his family about his will but kept her in the dark. The pal added: "She was livid because, when she confronted him, it came out that he'd told his family about it but not her. "It really was the last straw. Kate's no angel and can forgive a lot of things but one thing she won't do is watch him die." Meanwhile, Kate has penned a song on the new Babyshambles album. The catwalk beauty is set to receive royalties for 'You Talk', which she co-wrote with Pete. Pete said: "I wrote that with Kate sat in bed. I was just trying to impress her and in the end she changed a lot of the words and it found its way on the album."

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Druggie Pete Doherty and Cocaine Kate Moss

Kate Moss has changed all her phone numbers to stop ex-lover Pete Doherty contacting her. The supermodel, who is tired of Pete desperately trying to contact her since they split earlier this month, changed her mobile and land line numbers in a final attempt to sever all ties with the troubled Babyshambles rocker. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Pete was still phoning Kate last weekend and in the end it was too much for her. She thought she had made things clear - that he should never get in touch with her again, under any circumstances. "But he failed to get the message so she has taken drastic action. It's a pain for her but she's more adamant than ever about making a clean break. "Kate is determined to wipe the slate clean and that means never speaking to him again." The 33-year-old beauty was left devastated after Pete apparently cheated on her with a South African model last month. Kate ended her two-year relationship with the musician and threw him out of her north London home before changing the locks. The source added: "She acted quickly in getting the locksmith and removal men over. She thought it wasn't necessary to change her phone numbers, but she has been proved wrong. "It's difficult but she knows she has made the right decision."

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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Druggie Pete Doherty and Cocaine Kate Moss

Pete Doherty will marry Kate Moss this summer - as long as he stays drug-free. The troubled rocker, who is battling a long-term heroin addiction, is determined to clean up his act so he can tie the knot with the supermodel. Pete revealed his plans to wed in his diaries, 'The Books of Albion', which were published the other day. In one extract, which he wrote while in rehab in January 2007, the Babyshambles star said: "Smack and needle-free we shall marry in the summer and I become 10 times happier than any given smackhead." He also confessed the only reason he was in rehab was to please Kate. He wrote: "I love the girl so dearly and that's why I'm in this clinic isn't it?" Pete - who began romancing Kate in January 2005 - also admitted the couple have a fiery relationship. In an entry describing a trip to Paris in July 2005, he said: "Kate and I f*****g and fighting all the way on the Eurostar until blood finally runs down my palm and up my head, and before I leg it to oblivion leaving her at the station calling me a this, that and the other and a so-and-so (accompanied by hand gestures)." Earlier this month, mother-of-one Kate reportedly banned Pete from talking about their wedding plans on a British TV show. Pete, who is due to be interviewed by chat show host Jonathan Ross next week, was instructed to censor his answers. He appeared on the show a year ago and spoke frankly about his drug addiction and feelings for Kate. A source said: "She's given him rules on what not to talk about. The wedding is absolutely off limits."

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Monday, May 7, 2007


Supermodel KATE MOSS is reportedly furious with fiance PETE DOHERTY after he failed to attend a rehab appointment earlier this week,opting instead to go to the pub.The troubled Babyshambles frontman had an implant fitted recently in a bid to beat his substance addictions, and told a court last month he was staying off the drugs because of his love for Moss.But the catwalk star is allegedly fed up with Doherty’s false promises, which has put a huge strain on the relationship. A friend of the couple tells British newspaper the Sunday Mirror, "Things are the worst they’ve ever been…"He was really upset. He said Kate had gone ballistic when he failed to go to rehab last week for a new implant to help him off heroin. "Instead he went on a bender and has been unpredictable and angry. The argument turned a bit nasty. Pete ran off and Kate is still refusing to see him."

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Friday, May 4, 2007


Drugies Pete Doherty and Cocaine Kate Moss

Kate Moss wants a baby with fiancé Pete Doherty, it has been reported. The supermodel, who launched her Topshop fashion line this week, is said to be desperate to start a family with the Babyshambles frontman. According to Britain's Daily Express newspaper, Kate told a friend: "Everyone is obsessing about a marriage and where we are with that. None of that counts because we are together. What counts is having a family and we need the bond of a child. Pete would make a fun dad."Kate, 33 - who has a four-year-old daughter Lila Grace from a previous relationship - is allegedly convinced having a child with Pete, 28, will cement their love. She apparently said: "We've got our music together and we're writing an album but a baby would be the clincher between Pete and me. Lila deserves a sister." Pete, who has entered rehab for drug addiction several times, already has a three-year-old son Astile by his ex-lover Lisa Moorish. It is reported he has limited access to his son because of his drug use. Last year, Moorish - who also has a daughter, Molly, with Oasis singer Liam Gallagher - is said to have told Pete to clean up his act or risk not seeing Astile over Christmas.Kate insists Pete is "wonderful" with Astile and believes having a child with him will help the rocker kick his drugs habit for good.

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Friday, April 6, 2007


A home video of Pete Doherty strumming a guitar while his scantily-clad supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss wanders around has proved a hit on the Internet. More than 130,000 people have so far viewed the three-minute clip of the couple, who are both smoking, on Babyshambles frontman Doherty is playing his guitar and singing along while Moss -- wearing nothing under a see-through dress except panties -- kicks her bare legs in the air.
At one point, the beauty says, "Sonny and Cher we ain't." Elsewhere, British newspaper The Sun Wednesday reported that Doherty and Moss are making a video diary of their life together. A source tells the publication, "They think it's cool and romantic, like something John Lennon and Yoko Ono would have done."

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Kate Moss has been seen snacking on pork scratchings.The waif-like supermodel was enjoying an evening with a group of girlfriends in a Devon pub where she munched on nuts and the calorific bar snack - which is fried pig skin covered in salt. Kate's latest pork indulgence comes just weeks after she was seen munching on the same fatty food in another pub with lover Pete Doherty.Ten Tors barmaid Lisa Discombe told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Kate seemed very friendly. She came in with four other women and ordered just one drink - vodka - and some nuts and pork scratchings."After leaving the Kingsteignton pub, the slender model stopped off at the local Tesco Express supermarket where she stocked up on another bottle of vodka. It seems Kate has developed a taste for fatty foods. It was recently revealed she has been living on a diet of junk food, while just a few months ago she was seen in a North London café indulging in a calorie-laden sandwich.The mother-of-one often escapes city life to spend time in the countryside, splitting her time between her London home and $4 million Cotswolds cottage. It was recently reported the 33-year-old is looking for a new London property to share with her Babyshambles lover.

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