5 Ways Animated Videos Will Elevate Your Brand

Animated Videos

We’ve all had that napkin situation. It’s that moment in time when you try to explain something to a friend or family member but struggle to get your thoughts across.

What do you do? Well, you grab a scrap of paper or a napkin and jot down a drawing instead.

That common situation lies at the heart of video animation marketing. But turning your ideas and messages into one simple-to-understand animated video isn’t just for the big multinationals.

Take a look at these five benefits of animated videos to see why they are the perfect way to boost your brand in 2022.

  1. Animation Marketing Gets Conversions

When it comes to animated video, conversion rates will tell you the complete story. Compared to other marketing approaches (standard headlines, graphics), animation has a better conversion rate.

In other words, your visitors are more likely to take action if they watch a video animation on your website.

That boost in conversions directly impacts the profit you see from each paid marketing campaign. If you can convert more visitors from a paid ad, you improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

  1. It Helps Communicate Complex Ideas

Some products are simple to understand. If you are selling candles or socks, the benefits are well known. But what about more modern innovations? Ideas and technology with which your customer might not be familiar.

That’s where an animation video can provide benefits. It’s a chance to sift through the features and benefits of your product and simplify it into a 30-second animation that anyone can understand.

That’s an effective way to communicate to your audience and convince more people to buy your product or service.

  1. Animation Engages Your Target Audience

Engagement online is always a challenge.

People have short attention spans. When you use sales-centered headlines or lengthy blog posts, you run the risk of a weary audience becoming bored. They often see repeated catchphrases and become blind to the core message.

How can you grab your audience’s attention? The answer is to use video marketing.

Animation is fun, simple, and doesn’t require much effort on the part of your customer. They’ll be more likely to click play, watch, and interact with the video.

  1. You’ll Get More Social Shares

Once you’ve got your animated video, head to your social media accounts and post it for your followers.

As social media becomes even harder to crack, animation might be your best option to connect with your online audience. Video is increasingly popular on social media, and some platforms even expect it.

  1. It’s Economical

Gone are the days when businesses had to spend millions on expensive TVs, including a whole film crew and a costly celebrity endorsement.

But when using simple, accessible technology, brand videos are a quick and cheap way to turn your ideas and messages into a professional-looking advert. You can even hire an animator to make the process even easier.

And once you’ve produced the video, you can reuse it multiple times; a networking event, Facebook PPC ad, sales page, or on your Instagram feed. Animation is a cost-effective long-term marketing strategy.

Add Animated Videos to Your Branding Strategy

Are you still playing the wait-and-see approach to animated videos? This year might be the best time to set aside any reservations and discover for yourself what a small and cost-effective video can do for your business branding.

For more branding and marketing ideas, head to our branding section now for our latest articles.

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