Advantages of Knowing the CBSE Syllabus

CBSE syllabus

A syllabus is a useful tool for students during their learning process. It works as an instructive tool that helps students to understand what is expected during the complete academic session. It describes the topics and concepts based on which students are tested in the final exam. Therefore, knowing the syllabus is very crucial for students. Especially for board exam students, going through the entire syllabus is a must. They must check out the syllabus in-depth right at the beginning of the session, and get aware of the course structure and content.

Once students know the syllabus, then they can map out the study plan for themselves. A well-organized study plan encourages students and motivates them to perform persistence. Students should create the study plan in such a way that learning goals should align with the activities and assessments. Doing so will give more fruitful results to students by developing conceptual awareness, synthesizing ideas, and they will begin to construct their own knowledge.

By now, students have got to know how useful and important it is to know the syllabus. Therefore, to help them learn in the right direction without wasting time on topics that are not included in the course curriculum, we have provided the right way of using the syllabus. Students must go through them and implement them to get better results in exams.

How to use the Syllabus in the right way

Just studying randomly will not help students. They must know what to study and how much to study. The CBSE syllabus is vast; therefore, students need to be more specific and approach oriented in their studies. Here are a few tips for using the syllabus that will make students study simpler and organised.

  1. Read the entire syllabus at the beginning of the course session and get an idea of the course structure.
  2. Get a clear understanding of the marking scheme, internal and external assessment, activities, practical work etc.
  3. Most of the time, the marks for which a particular chapter or unit will be asked is mentioned in the syllabus. So, by knowing this, students can know which chapter/unit contains the higher marks weightage and can accordingly allocate time for its study.
  4. The syllabus will give an idea about the important topics and helps in determining how much time should be devoted to a particular topic.
  5. Based on the syllabus, students can create their daily, weekly and monthly study plan to make their studies more organised and structured.
  6. Syllabus acts as a checklist during the revision. By looking at the syllabus, students will get to know which topics they have covered and which are yet remaining.

In a nutshell, a syllabus contains functions and ideas that are used for the assessment of the students’ performance in the board exam. For the academic year 2020-21, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has reduced the syllabus and deleted some units/chapters/topics from the subjects. The decision has been taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world and the number of cases rising daily in India. The reduction in the syllabus of CBSE for class 9 to 12 by 30% lessened the burden on students. The CBSE Board exam for the academic year 2020-21 is scheduled to begin from 4th May 2021 and will end on 7th June 2021.

But for the academic year 2021-22, the CBSE has decided not to reduce the syllabus for the students of classes 9 to 12 according to the new curriculum. The CBSE has released the new syllabus and according to it, the chapters and topics that were slashed in the last academic year have been restored in the official curriculum for the upcoming academic session, 2021-22. Students are advised to focus on self-learning and should study from the online sources available for free such as CBSE sample papers and must focus more on learning things by themselves. This is the time when they can give time learning those things which they find more interesting and exciting. So, they must utilize this time and show their hidden talent and creativity.

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