All Savathun’s Eye locations on Mars in Destiny 2

ma'adim subterrane

To complete the triumph of Optometrist Hive-God in Destiny 2, you will need to find and destroy all of Savathun’s eyes. They are spread all over the place, so in this guide we’ll help you find the ones on Mars. You can’t destroy them just yet, and the assumption is that you’ll need an Exotic Track Rifle coming to the game this season to do so.

Below you’ll find maps showing the location of the eye and a screenshot showing exactly where it is in that room. If you’d rather follow a video, the video below will show you how to access each eye from the closest spawn point.

Braytech Futurescape Spawn

Spawn at Braytech, then back up and to the left. The eye is next to a building to the left of the spawn.

Anna’s room

Spawn in Braytech and head straight to Anna’s room. The eye floats above her.

Aurora Reach

Walk through Anna’s bedroom, then down the hallways beyond. When you reach part of the walkway that leads outside, turn left to find the eye.

Rasputin Mindlab

Continue forward, to the massive doors of the Mindlab, and you will find one on the left side of the door.

Core Terminus Lost Sector

Spawn in Braytech and head to the Core Terminus spawn point in the building to the left of the spawn. The eye is in the penultimate room.

Right of occurrence of glacial drift

Spawn at Glacial Drift and go up the hill on the right. The Eye floats just before the large metal doors.

To the left of the ice drift spawning

Spawn in Glacial Drift and head left, up the hill, towards the buildings. Enter through the small door on the right to find the Eye.

Lost Sector of Ma’Adim Subterrane

Go to the Lost Sector and to the boss room. The eye floats in a crack in the roof.

Alton Dynamo

This one is a bit of a trek. Spawn at Glacial Drift, then go up the hill to the left and go all the way around to Alton Dynamo. Enter the hole in the wall and jump the hole in Rasputin’s complex. At the first crossroads you meet, turn left and continue until the last room. The Eye is in the roof, hidden by a few panels on the left side.

Descent from Olympus

Still a long trek, spawn at Glacial Drift and take the far left turn as you cross the bridge to the left. Follow the path as far as possible, through the tunnels, to reach Olympus Descent. The eye on a cliff at the very end of the map.

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