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gastric balloon

Recently, lots of people struggling with overweight and obesity resort to undergoing bariatric procedures. For those who have never needed to lose excess weight, choosing a bariatric surgery may seem like an easy solution, but there are people who have already tried various diets, increased exercise and other methods of losing weight without a permanent success. In their case, bariatric surgery may be the only way to achieve long-lasting weight loss effects needed to improve health and reduce obesity related medical conditions. Gastric balloon in Poland is one of the most popular bariatric procedures performed in Polish clinics.

Why is gastric balloon so popular?

Gastric balloon is one of the most popular bariatric procedures because it is non-invasive, which means that there are no permanent changes to the patient’s digestion system and the recovery process is quick and painless. The procedure itself take about thirty minutes and is quite simple. The surgeon places a soft balloon made of silicon in the patient’s stomach pouch.

The balloon is nothing more than an artificial stomach filler and helps a person to eat less and still feel satisfied after the meal. In this way, people start losing excess weight very quickly and are not as discouraged at the beginning of the diet as they used to be without help of the gastric balloon. It is quite important especially for extremely obese patients who need to lose some weight before the main bariatric surgery, such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

What are the results after gastric balloon procedure?

The results observed after gastric balloon procedure are extremely good in most cases, but, of course, the patient’s attitude and willingness to change the unhealthy eating habits and follow all the doctor’s instructions are of paramount importance. The several weeks after the procedure are crucial and following all the doctor’s recommendations helps to reduce risks of possible complications, accelerates the weight loss process and makes it possible for the patient to sooner come back to normal daily routine.

The majority of patients with gastric balloons lose even up to 15 percent of their excess weight during the first six months. With time, it is possible to reach even 50 percent weight loss. When the desired weight loss results are achieved, the balloon needs to be removed, so the patient must bear in mind that there are at least two obligatory visits at the clinic.

Why should I choose gastric balloon in Poland?

Recently, Poland has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. This is caused mainly by the fact that bariatric procedures are very expensive in countries such as the UK or Ireland. The gastric balloon prices in Poland start form 1990 GBP, which is two or even three times less than the price patients need to pay in the UK. What is more, a person who chooses to have gastric balloon procedure in Poland may take an opportunity to visit interesting places that Poland has to offer.

It is also a good distraction for those who feel stressed before the procedure. There is always a number of tourist attractions available in close proximity to the hospitals, which are usually situated near the biggest and the most interesting Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw, so the patient may want to have a great time sightseeing just before the procedure.

Gastric balloon in Poland is definitely a great opportunity for people who do not want to spend more money on the bariatric procedure in their home country. It is also a chance to break away from the daily routine and visit an interesting tourist destination.

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