Best Ideas For A Sensual Foreplay

When it comes to, a big part of the erotic arousal that potentially gets overlooked is foreplay.

Whilst foreplay is essential to setting the mood and getting both you and your partner into the message vibe; there can be a lot of confusion around the subject of foreplay.

How long should foreplay last? What counts as foreplay? Am I any good at foreplay? All these questions can run through our heads, and when you want to get down to business, having these anxieties can be a real distraction and kill the mood very quickly.

Below we are breaking down our top tips so that when it comes to foreplay, from how you can set the mood to special massage techniques, you can use such as Nuru massage to ensure you are optimising your message life.


Lighting is an excellent tool for setting the scene and creating a mood. Candles are always friendly or try using red or pink lights to add some colour to your space. Red, for example, is very passionate and emotes feelings of love and romance.

Soft lighting is also good, especially when used with lamps that create shadows on your partner’s body.

If you are your partner and are self-conscious when it comes to getting naked, ensuring you have a soft lighting option can help make you feel at ease and comfortable and not too exposed.


This is a simple and easy way to set the tone for a message evening. Light some scented candles, like lavender or ylang-ylang, and then use an oil burner with some essential oils (or add them to your bath). The aroma of these herbs will spread through the room, and you’ll both be relaxed in no time!

If you want to go all out, try some incense that smells good to you—it doesn’t matter if it smells good to anyone else because it only matters how it makes you feel. Then play some relaxing music in the background if there’s anything else that can help set an ambience for this momentous occasion.

Use Props

Props such as feathers, ice and blindfolds can spice up your foreplay. Sensuality is all about being in tune with your senses, so take it one step further and remove a sense of heightening a sense with fun and flirty props.


Massage is a great way to get intimate with your partner and unwind and de-stress at the same time; it’s a foreplay classic.

Whilst it’s obviously relaxing for the “massage-ee”, the “massager” has the boring part. Why not try a Nuru massage to combat this and make it fun for both.

Nuru massage is a Japanese style of sensual body slide massage. In this type of massage, the masseuse uses their whole body to stimulate and caress the client’s skin by rubbing their body against the client’s body.

In a Nuru massage session, both the masseuse and client are naked during the session. This allows them to glide together easily and makes for an incredibly sensual experience!

No matter how you try to spice up your foreplay, don’t be shy! Ultimately it comes down to having a partner that you feel safe and comfortable with. To communicate what you like and what you would be interested in trying, go wild!

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