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aqua affinity

As you progress in Minecraft, it’s inevitable that sooner or later you will come across the enchanting aspect of the game. Enchantments are additional perks for certain items, either to extend the durability of those items or to give them a new function. Certain enchantments can be used on armor. So if you’ve equipped yourself with diamond or netherite armor, keep an eye out for the following enchantments to get the most out of your armor.


Mending is arguably the most important enchantment in Minecraft. It can be used on any piece of armor and repairs the item’s durability when you pick up experience orbs. This means you can take tons of damage, but once you grab a bullet from mob killing, breeding, or anything that offers experience, you’ll work to make this piece last forever. If you are given netherite or diamond armor that you want to keep, be sure to put mending on it. The mending has no levels above one.


Where mending improves the durability of your armor, protection, to put it simply, will better protect you from any physical damage suffered by the wearer. The higher the enchantment, the better the damage reduction. Since the main purpose of armor is to protect the wearer, try your best to apply this to all of your armor pieces.

Note: The protection is not compatible with the Explosion Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection enchantments. If you have one of these on your armor, you’ll need to disenchant the piece with a grindstone. IV is the maximum level for the protective enchantment.

Breathing (helmet)

Breathing is great for anyone who wants to spend time underwater. This helmet enchantment extends the time you can spend underwater without having to breathe. While it can be used in any setting with water in particular, it should be used to collect coral blocks in ocean biomes and explore underwater temples. The extra time to fight Guardians without getting air is crucial to your survival and success in the underwater temples. Breathing III is the maximum level for this enchantment.

Aqua Affinity (helmet)

If breathing improves your chances of survival underwater, Aqua Affinity will make you more efficient in such situations. With this enchantment on your helmet, you can mine at normal speed. This completely removes the penalty you get for trying to mine blocks underwater. Like the previous enchantment, Aqua Affinity works well in ocean biomes and collects blocks like gold and prismarin in underwater temples. If you have a pickaxe good enough, this might not be the most needed enchantment, but Aqua Affinity can be a great way to speed things up. Aqua Affinity doesn’t have any levels above one.

Feather Falling (boots)

Traversing a Minecraft world is dangerous for a variety of reasons. Of course you have the normal mob you will encounter, lava and the need to keep your hungry bar always filled, but people don’t often consider the gravity of the situation when jumping around the place. Fall damage is one of the more persistent threats to your health. We therefore recommend putting feather falling on your boots. This enchantment doesn’t actually slow your rate of descent through the air, but rather reduces the damage you take when you hit the ground. It’s always better to play it safe and Feather Falling will help you save an immeasurable amount of hearts in your semen. The maximum level of feather falling is IV.

Depth Strider or Frost Walker (boots)

Neither of these enchantments are compatible with each other, so it is up to you to decide which one to put on your boots. The good thing is that although they are very different from each other, both are very useful.

With Depth Strider you can move faster in the water. Again, this is great when combined with previous enchantments mentioned on this list in ocean biomes and underwater temples. While the Aquatic Life update made swimming a lot faster with new animations, it’s better to move even faster while searching the depths of the sea.

Frost Walker takes a different approach to traveling on the water. Any water source block you approach will instantly freeze on top, giving you an icy path to walk on. The ice is not permanent, however, so you will need to keep moving to maintain your walkway. Regardless, this enchantment makes crossing the ocean extraordinarily easy and doesn’t require you to build a boat when you go on adventures. As a bonus, walking around campfires and blocks of magma won’t hurt you with this enchantment of your boots.

Depth Strider is maximum at level III. Frost Walker moves up to Level II.


We end our list with Unbreaking, an enchantment that increases the durability of an item. While patching up will continually repair your armor as you gain experience orbs, the chances are that if hit, Unbreaking has the chance that your armor won’t affect durability at all. The mending has already done it, so you’ll always have your armor pieces. Unbreaking helps solidify that. The maximum level of unbreaking is III.

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