From Fleece to Fabric: The Wool Mill Production Process Explained

From Fleece to Fabric The Wool Mill Production Process Explained

Do you know the finest wool, called Merino wool, comes from Merino sheep, and Merinos account for 75% of Australia’s breeding ewe flock? Yes, you read it right! Hence, a large portion of Australian wool is obtained from these sheep and is suitable for producing the world’s finest clothing and high-end fashion items. This is also why Australian wool is so famous worldwide, and it has become one of the largest producers of the finest wool in the world.

In addition, some renowned wool mills like Waverley Mills have honed their expertise in each production process stage, from sorting and scouring to finishing and quality control, to ensure that their wool fabrics are of the highest quality. Further, to get a brief idea of the various stages of the wool production process in famous wool mills, continue reading!

Sorting and Scouring

The first stage of the wool mill production process is sorting and scouring. Raw wool is sourced from sheep and other wool-bearing animals and sorted according to quality and fibre length. The wool is then scoured in hot water to remove dirt, grease, and other impurities. This stage is essential to ensure the yarn is clean and ready for further processing.

Carding and Combing

Once the wool has been scoured, it is carded and combed to align the fibres and remove any remaining impurities. Carding involves passing the yarn through a series of rollers that separate the fibres and align them in the same direction. Combing further refines the wool by removing shorter fibres and creating a more uniform product. This process is essential to produce high-quality yarn and fabric.


After carding and combing, the wool is spun into yarn. This involves twisting the fibres together to create a continuous thread that can be used for weaving or knitting. There are various methods of spinning wool, including hand and machine spinning. Hand spinning involves using a spindle to twist the fibres together, while machine spinning uses a spinning machine to automate the process.

Weaving and Knitting

The next stage of the wool mill production process is weaving or knitting the yarn into fabric. Weaving involves interlacing the yarn in a specific pattern to create a sturdy and durable material. Knitting involves using needles to create loops linked together to create a stretchy and flexible fabric. Both weaving and knitting require skill and precision to produce high-quality material.


Once the fabric has been woven or knitted, it finishes to give it the desired properties. This can include dyeing, printing, and finishing with coatings or treatments to make it water-resistant or flame-retardant. The finishing process can significantly alter the fabric’s appearance, feel, and performance and is essential to produce a final product that meets the desired specifications.

Quality Control

Quality control is critical to maintaining the reputation of the wool mill and ensuring customer satisfaction. Quality control measures are implemented throughout the wool mill production process to ensure that the final product meets the required standards. This can include visual inspections, laboratory testing, and product testing to ensure the fabric is of the highest quality.

In conclusion, the wool mill production process is a crucial aspect of the textile industry that has stood the test of time. Wool mills like Waverley Mills produce high-quality wool fabrics by focusing on sustainability, quality control, and efficiency. By adapting to changing market conditions and promoting sustainable practices, wool mills can remain competitive and relevant in today’s market while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible textile industry.

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