How to get ancient fruit in Stardew Valley

stardew valley ancient seed

The Ancient Fruit is a harvestable item in Stardew Valley that you can place in the Garden and grow it after nearly a month of having it on your land. You can choose to give it to several friends in Pelican Town or sell it for profit. It is not used in any available recipe. So your options are limited, but this is a decent item for those looking to make a direct profit. Where do you get ancient fruit seeds to grow them?

There are several ways to get old fruit seeds to plant. The best way to collect them is to find them for sale by the Traveling Cart, which appears in the southwestern part of the map, next to your farm, in Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays. The traveling merchant who owns the cart will sell them between 100 and 1000 gold. Hopefully the trader sells it for a lower price so you can get the most out of the exchange.

Alternatively, you can also acquire ancient fruit seeds by donating crops to the seed maker. There is a small chance that an ancient fruit seed will burst, but this does not happen often. Additionally, when you give an Ancient Seed Artifact to Gunther in his museum, he gives you the seeds to plant in your garden. This only happens once, however. However, Gunther also teaches you the Crafting Recipe to learn how to craft Ancient Seeds that you can plant from Ancient Seed Artifacts, which you cannot.

Once you have planted the old seed in your garden, you must wait 28 days for it to grow into a full plant that you can sell. These are the selling prices of an old fruit, depending on its quality.

500G – Basic
687G – Silver
825G – Gold
You earn more money if your character is a farmer profession.

605G – Basic
755G – Silver
907G – Gold

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