How to get Revenant in Warframe

warframe revenant

Revenant is consumed by sentient energy and uses it against his enemies. He can convert enemies into Thralls and protect himself with Mesmer Skin, which stuns surrounding enemies and reflects damage back to them. Reave will make you flee through enemies, stealing shields and health from them. His ultimate ability, Danse Macabre, will detonate beams of energy outward, damaging enemies.

The Revenant’s blueprint can be obtained from the Mask of the Revenant quest. To access this quest, you will need to reach the rank of observer with the quills. This can be done by gathering the Sentient Cores, which are dropped by Eidolons and Vomvalysts on the Plains of Eidolon in Quill Onnko in Cetus, and putting them back to stand. When you reach the correct rank, you can go visit Nakak in Cetus and ask him about a mask. This will start the quest. After that, just play through each step of the quest. It’s pretty straightforward as you’ll be following Nakak’s instructions.

Revenant component blueprints are obtained from Bounties, which you can obtain from Konzu in Cetus. The chassis, neuroptics and systems will all come from different bounties. Visit Konzu near the gates of Eidolon and check out the bounties he has and the rewards that come with it. You may need to grind bounties for whatever rewards you want until you get them, as they will randomly drop as rewards when you complete the stages.

When you get all the blueprints, you can then create Revenant in your foundry using the following resources:


  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 neural sensors
  • 15 sensitive hearts intact
  • Lot of 6000 polymers
  • 2200 Rubedo


  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 Morphics
  • 10 sensitive hearts intact
  • 1500 Rubedo
  • 50 Iradite


  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 control modules
  • 3 Cetus wisps
  • 8000 Recovery
  • Pack of 3000 polymers

Each component will take 12 hours to build, which can be skipped for 25 Platinum. When they’re done, you can craft the Warframe, which will take 72 hours and can be skipped for 50 Platinum.

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