How to make caviar in Stardew Valley

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Caviar is an item you can craft in Stardew Valley that you can use to boost your energy and health, or sell it for a decent profit. The only way you can collect it is to build a fish pond in the carpenter’s shop on your farm, then place it somewhere on your land.

When you put fish in the fishing pond, they end up making eggs out of it, which become aged eggs if you put them in a jam jar. This item is different from straight caviar. However, it is made by the same method. Of the many fish that you can place inside your fish pond, you need to use a specific one to create caviar.

You need to catch a single sturgeon and add it to your home fishing pond. The only time you can catch a sturgeon is during the summer and winter months by the lake right next to the base of the mountain, where you enter the mines.

Once you have it, the fish need a few days to develop eggs, so you can go about your business and check the fish pond every day. But eggs get a lot more common the more you improve them and add fish to the pond. There will be an exclamation mark above the pond, and the sturgeon will ask you to give them an item. Here are all the elements that sturgeon need to thrive.

  • 1 capacity: 1 diamond
  • Capacity 3: 1 jelly, 2 maple syrup or 1 pickle
  • 5 Capacity: 3 Omni Geodes
  • 7 Capacity: 1 Nautilus Shell

Once you provide the item, your chances of finding eggs increase, and you have a daily chance to see them appear. While you are waiting, make a jar of preserves, and when you receive the sturgeon eggs, place them in the jar. It takes 6000 minutes to process the eggs, which is equivalent to a day and a half. Once the processing is complete, you will be able to collect the caviar from the jar, and you will be able to choose to eat it or sell it in the market for 500 gold.

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