How to recover the Apple of Discord in Immortals Fenyx Rising

rod of discord

One of your story quests in Immortals Fenyx Rising is finding the Rod of Discord. You will be sent to search after finding all of Aphrodite’s tears. While the area you need to go to, the city of Aphrodite will be marked on the map, getting the bone of contention itself is a bit trickier.

When you get to town you will come across a long ramp with a red magic door at the end. You can shoot two rotating targets above the door to spread the magic and open it.

Go up the ramp and you will come to an area with enemies. Take them all out so that you can properly inspect the area. In front of you there will be a statue with three stone plinths and a giant glowing red apple. On one of them is an apple. You will need to find an apple for the other baseboards to get the bone of contention.

Go up the steps behind the statue in the circular building and you will find another apple in a bowl in front of another statue. Take it and bring it back to the plinth. Now we just need one more. Turn right and you will see flying enemies.

They hover over an area with apples on it. Jump and take out enemies, or shoot them from afar with your bow. Take an apple and throw it through the gap, being careful not to drop or bounce it into the hole. Now jump, take it and carry it on the pedestal.

The giant apple will now unlock and you can push it all the way down the hill, where it will turn into a bone of contention.

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