How to Spice Things up in Your Foreplay?

Foreplay is like an Apéritif – an appetiser to your main course. Sure, that medium-rare wagyu steak is going to taste amazing on its own. However, wouldn’t it be better if you started your dinner with Aperol and Crostini to prepare and stimulate your palate?

Well, massage works just like this. Appetisers and Apéritifs are not there to make you less hungry; they buildup up to the main event, as does foreplay. Even though sometimes it can be fun to skip to the good part once in a while, most massage experiences should involve plenty of buildup with foreplay before the grand event. Sometimes, it can be even better than the massage itself. So, next time things get heated, try not to skip it!

What is foreplay?

It can be kissing, talking, or even Nuru massage. In the scientific meaning, foreplay prepares a woman’s body for intercourse. However, there are many other reasons why it shouldn’t be skipped. It increases intimacy and allows you to understand your partner better and what they might like or dislike. Lastly, it increases the chance for an epic climax. Imagine it as your favourite TV show’s season finale. What if all the 9 previous episodes were removed, and you just watched the last episode. It wouldn’t be as good anymore. It’s the same with a massage.

Are you unhappy with your foreplay?

If you want better foreplay with your partner, it’s about communicating to them what you want, like, and dislike. As we mentioned before, foreplay is the buildup to the main event. Couples struggling with foreplay can try setting up new and exciting rules or mixing them up. It might be a great idea to explore each other’s bodies with more creativity by centring your attention on the parts of the body not usually thought of during massage.

In this article, we collected 4 creative ways to spice things up in your foreplay.

The power of music

One of the superpowers of music is that it can influence and set you up for a good mood. This is the reason why it’s an amazing tool that you can use to swiftly tune your partner to the ‘want to make love right now’ vibe. Our suggestions include playing acoustic versions of your most liked songs, blues or jazz. However, it can be anything you fancy and don’t be afraid if you prefer other types of music. Play whatever you like and enjoy the moment!

Try a massage

Another great way to make your foreplays more fun is massage. It’s common practice to use while building up to the main event. However, do you remember the last time you tried it out? Probably not; that’s why maybe it’s time to give it a go. There are many reasons why it is a fantastic thing to try it out. Firstly, they can be very erotic. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make them arousing, so even if you are not skilled in this topic, you can watch them and learn some techniques. Second, they can reduce stress; as you probably know, it can be an enemy in your bedroom.

Is Anyone Hungry?

Have you ever tried to include food in your foreplay? Chocolate, grapes, and some cream can do amazing work. You can put it on your favourite part of your lover’s body and start to eat it without using your hands. A gentle touch with your lips or even a few bites can have a significant effect.

Act Surprisingly

Another of our favourites is to do something you haven’t done before and surprise your partner. Have you ever tried to allure your lover in a moment they would never expect to happen? You can use a gentle touch on their leg and move up to their intimate parts while watching a TV show or maybe when they are doing a mundane task such as cleaning the apartment. This surprise is going to make your loved one very hot, and it will create a fantastic buildup to the main event.

Lastly, there are many other creative ways to spice up your foreplays. Especially if you have been in a relationship and are starting to be a bit bored, you can try out our tips which most definitely make things more exciting again, or come up with something on your own! Whatever float’s your boat. Just make sure your partner is okay with your new idea, and have fun!

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