How to Watch Old Hollywood Movies Online

Hard to find movies

Are you also an old timeless classic films lover? But unable to find the old movies?

Then you have clicked on the right article. Because In this article, we will talk about the online websites that allow you to watch as many old movies as you want.

Modern websites platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoststar, etc., have a big collection of newer launches. But still, it is hard to find movies of your old classic choices and taste becomes very hard. 

So we have researched a lot and handpicked some of the best websites over the internet that will allow you to watch any movie you want. 

Let’s start listing the websites:

Top-6 Websites to Watch Classic Hollywood Movies

#1 Movie Buffers Forever 

Movie Buffers Forever is ranking at the top of this list for a reason. They know so much about movies, and you will find almost all the legendary old Hollywood movies here. 

The gem movies you won’t find anywhere will easily be found here. 

They are so serious about their work and try to list every movie they might be looking for. 

#2 Criterion Channel

Criterion Channel is the digital streaming platform and a platform like Criterion Collection of films. 

They don’t claim to list each movie in their library, but they have a good collection, and the latest movies are also very common to find here. 

You will also find so many classic old movies that you will love. 

#3 Watch TCM

We are not talking about the Turner Classic Movies channel here; instead, Watch TCM is an app that allows users to watch the movies of their choice at no additional cost. 

There is only one flaw for this app, only Cable or Satellite TV viewers can access it, and it is not supportive of modern streaming cable. 

#4 Fandor 

Fandor has a great collection of independent and foreign movies, and it is a great platform for movie lovers. 

This platform offers 4,000+ movies, and it also includes so many classic, timeless films. 

It has a subscription of $5.99 monthly or $49 for the whole year. 

#5 Kanopy

If you are a citizen of the U.S. and have a library card, then Kanopy is the best fit for you because this platform is connected with all the libraries and serves streaming movies for all the members. 

It has so many movies listed, but most movies are classic and old. 

#6 Netflix Classics 

You can find so many classic, timeless movies on Netflix as well. You should know how you are going to access the service. 

You will find the genre selector, and there you need to select the classic genre and then you will find all you’re looking for. 


We have listed six websites that will help you watch the old classic Hollywood movies. However, Movie Buffers Forever is the best option for you if you’re searching for old gems. I hope you have got to know each and everything in this article and you will find the movie of your choice. 

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