Is it the beginning of the “Alcaraz Era”? How can the historic victory of the Spanish change men’s tennis?

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Tennis fans found out the winner’s name of the men’s singles US Open-2022. In the final, the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz overcame the Norwegian Kasper Ruud.

Alcaraz became the first teenager, whose name is on the top of the World’s rating and he managed to set a number of great achievements. He is the record holder for the time spent in the tournament: for seven matches, Carlos had a record day or 23 hours 39 minutes on the court. And the Spaniard is the first after Nadal and the eighth teenager in history to win the TBSH.

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This year the fourth and seventh rackets of the world fought for the title – Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz and Norwegian Kasper Ruud, who reached the final of the American major for the first time in their careers. It was a crucial game for both as the title of the new number one in the world ranking was also at stake.

Ruud has already played in the Roland Garros final this year, where he was defeated by Spaniard Rafael Nadal. But for Alcaraz it was debut at this stage of the slam.

Before this match, the tennis players met twice on the professional court, in particular this year in the final of the tournament in Miami, both times the Spaniard won.

This time Carlos beat Casper for the third time in his career, for which he needed 3 hours and 20 minutes. The first set was close to a tie-break, but with a score of 4:5, the Spaniard took the game to zero and won the game – 4:6.

In the next game, Rudd managed to take revenge and equalize in sets 1:1. Although up to the fourth game inclusively, the tennis players went toe-to-toe – 2:2. The key moment was the fifth game, when Kasper led 3:2. Then the Norwegian tennis player took three more games in a row – 6:2.

The third set turned out to be the most exciting, when Ruud and Alcaraz, with an even game, took it to a tie-break, in which the Norwegian had no chances 1:7, and in the game 6:7.

The fifth game became one of the most essential not only in the set, but also in the match in general. Alcaraz with two breaks went ahead 2:3. Subsequently, he took two more games, one of which was on Ruud’s 2:5 serve. Kasper managed to change the number of games won from 2 to 3. But this game was the last winning game for Ruud in the final of the US Open Championship.

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