Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to Beat the Banbaro


Banbaro is one of the oldest and easiest monsters to take on in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but he can still hurt any hunter who comes after without preparation. He can attack for massive damage, inflict Iceblight, and move at surprising speed for his size, so don’t let your guard down even when you think you’ve got him on the ropes.

Best items to fight Banbaro in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By the time you face the Banbaro, you should have spent enough time in the Hoarfrost Reach to know the drill regarding provisions. In addition to healing items, be sure to pack enough hot drinks and stamina restoration items to counter the effects of the harsh climate. Since Banbaro can inflict Iceblight, you’ll also need a handful of Nullberries and, ideally, your waterproof coat to negate its effect.

Crystalburst is a special consideration when fighting Banbaro. You can pick up this slingshot ammo from Beetles throughout Frost Range. Make sure to catch as many as possible before the fight begins, as this will prove to be very useful in stopping some of Banbaro’s more powerful attacks.

Best weapons and armor to fight Banbaro in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Banbaro is weak at shooting, as you might expect, but he takes even more damage from dragon weapons. When it comes to ailments, Banbaro is weak enough to stun, but you’ll have to decide if chasing this weakness is worth it. The best way to inflict a stun is to use a blunt weapon like a hammer on Banbaro’s head, but doing so will put you in danger of taking his more powerful attacks. If you don’t want to go that route, consider using a sharp weapon so you can cut off Banbaro’s tail during combat.

When it comes to armor, there is nothing unique about this fight for Iceborne. Fill up on ice resistance and wear the strongest armor possible. You’ll need to keep your stamina to avoid Banbaro’s attacks, so consider armor that boosts it, or go for gear that increases your stun damage if that’s the strategy you use.

How to beat Banbaro in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Banbaro is an intimidating foe no matter how you look at him. She’s a massive beast who likes to charge her opponents head-on, and she can even throw massive snowballs when that isn’t enough. The key to this fight will be to avoid Banbaro’s most devastating attacks or disrupt them when you can.

The safest way to face Banbaro is to focus on damaging his legs, which will make it harder for the monster to charge you while maximizing your own damage. Use the clutch claw to weaken the legs whenever you need to, then attack them with whatever you have. Beware of Banbaro’s side tackle, which he can perform at any time, and which is the only major attack he can pull off when you’re by his side.

This beast won’t stand still and let you attack it, of course. Banbaro will continually attempt to charge you during combat and you will have to either dodge or interrupt the attack to survive. Dodging is relatively straightforward, be aware that Banbaro usually charges in both directions, so you’ll need to dodge multiple attacks in a row. Banbaro will usually roll up a snowball when it charges, which will deal bonus damage to you if it hits you. It becomes even more difficult when Barbaro takes a tree, which greatly increases the range of the attack. A trickier but potentially more rewarding method is to use Crystalburst. If you hit Banbaro with one while it’s recharging, you can stop it in its tracks, avoiding the need to dodge and potentially giving you a window to strike if you’re quick enough.

Every now and then Banbaro will raise his head in the air and then smash his antlers into the ground, with or without a snowball. If you get caught in this attack, it will probably go out for you, but if you can dodge it in time, you will have a golden opportunity to attack its head within seconds of the attack. If you use the hammer you can take massive stun damage and possibly even break its antlers.

There are much more difficult challenges to overcome in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but Banbaro is no child’s play. Its combination of speed and power can be devastating, but it also provides a great opportunity to try out new weapons, as the more, since several strategies go there. Just make sure to keep your stamina to the max and you’ll be moving on to more formidable prey in no time.

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