No More Peeing in a Cup: How to Treat a UTI from the Comfort of Your Home

Peeing in a Cup

If you’ve ever felt that burning, urgent sensation that sends you running for the bathroom, you know what it is. Yep — that’s a urinary tract infection, better known as a UTI.

When you feel like you’re going to pee every five seconds, leaving the house sounds like a nightmare. The last thing you want to do is head to the doctor and sit in the waiting room. If that simple thought makes you want to squirm, you can rest easy. There’s really no need to make an appointment to handle most UTIs.

If you’d rather battle the infection close to your own bathroom, check out the home remedy treatments below. Try them out to give your bladder some relief without heading into the clinic.

1. Request Antibiotics Online

Let’s get real for a second. All UTIs are not created equal. Some cause significant burning during urination and even some abdominal pain. The urge to pee can be so strong that you’re scared to even leave the bathroom. In those cases, you’re going to need a prescription.

That still doesn’t mean you must head to the doctor. Fortunately, UTI treatment is available online. Licensed healthcare professionals can assess your symptoms and decide if you need medication. They even send the prescription to your closest pharmacy. It’s a fast, easy, appointment-free way to get the antibiotics you need.

2. Add On Probiotics

You may associate probiotics with gut health and immunity. That’s true, but they can have a second purpose. There is some evidence that they boost the ability of antibiotics to treat — or prevent — UTIs.

Here’s how it works. When you have a UTI, harmful bacteria overwhelm the good bacteria in your bladder. Taking a daily probiotic helps the good bacteria fight back. As a result, you could see your current symptoms improve and, potentially, avoid future UTIs.

3. Guzzle Water

This might sound like the opposite of what you want to do. After all, with a UTI, urination can hurt. Still, downing as much water as you can helps flush the harmful bacteria from your system.

As an adult, you should aim for at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. It’s a good habit for your health overall. When you have a UTI, though, it can be critical. The more fluid you drink, the more it disrupts the germs holding on to your bladder. After a while, all that water you’re processing takes the bacteria with it during each bathroom visit.

4. Munch on (or Drink) Cranberries

Cranberries may prompt thoughts of Thanksgiving or even your favorite cocktail. They should also pop to mind when you’re suffering from a UTI. Many people swear by this tiny pinky-red fruit when trying to kick this infection to the curb. It contains several vitamins, such as vitamin C, that prevent bacteria from clinging to your urinary tract.

It’s no secret that cranberries are pretty tart. The good news is there are lots of ways you can work them into your diet. Cranberry supplements or cranberry powder caplets are good options. Dried cranberries are also a sweet, tasty treat. If you opt for cranberry juice, though, go with the unsweetened variety. Any added sugar only feeds the bad bacteria.

5. Nix Bladder-Irritating Foods

No doubt you know some foods can upset your stomach. Did you know that there are foods that irritate your bladder, too? When you have a UTI, they may worsen your symptoms and even delay healing. Cutting them out — at least for a little while — can help you recover.

During a bladder battle, there are several foods to avoid. Consider stepping away from caffeine, spicy foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. Instead, you can tip the scales in your favor with high-fiber items. For example, bananas, oatmeal, lentils, and nuts contribute to eliminating the bad bacteria, so eat up!

6. Loosen Up

When you’re uncomfortable and feel the constant urge to pee, it’s tough to relax. Fortunately, with UTIs, loosening up refers to your clothes. The tighter your jeans or leggings are, the more moisture you’ll trap down there. That creates the most inviting environment imaginable for bacteria looking to grow and make your infection worse.

Be proactive and take away the germy playground. Switch to loose-fitting clothes. Choose plain cotton underwear or cotton-lined items. They will help keep you clean and dry. Overall, that can reduce your symptoms and make you more comfortable.

7. Consider Different Birth Control

There’s much to be said about the benefits of birth control. It’s all true — lighter periods, improved acne, reduced headaches, and more. Unfortunately, your tried-and-true pregnancy preventer could also up your risk for a UTI.

Whether this happens to you heavily depends on your personal body chemistry. So, you’ll need to pay attention to when your UTI develops. If you’re using spermicides, diaphragms, or non-lubricated condoms and getting frequent infections, it’s time to consider a new product.

UTIs do a great job of disrupting your life. Needing a bathroom nearby at a moment’s notice makes it tough to work or run errands. Clearing the infection up as quickly as possible is a must even when getting to the doctor isn’t an option. Give these tactics a try. You could soon break the chain that has you tied to every restroom you see.

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