Organic Baby Products for Your Expected Bundle of Joy


The imminent birth of a child is indeed a great expectation. Nature has been kind to us in the fact that it has given us nine long months to prepare for this life-changing occasion. From your first visit to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy to your early visit to the hospital to deliver, there is a long list of things to do before your baby arrives. Whether this is your first or fifth child, rest assured that your need for new organic baby products and services will be as unique as the precious life within you.

The baby products industry has been reinvented to meet the needs of a new generation of parents who are extremely read on the subject of childbirth and are in fact more environmentally conscious when it comes to planning for the future of their children and decide what baby products will be. bought to care for your newest member of the family. With a heavy emphasis on organic, natural and eco-friendly baby products to burst onto the marketing scene, everything from disposable green diapers to organic cotton baby clothes and baby bedding are available in most stores. and eco-friendly websites online, and the good news is that these natural, eco-friendly baby products don’t cost much more than their inferior counterparts.

With the growing problem of imperfect imports from China and other unregulated markets lacking the strict guidelines of the United States and other European countries for quality, today’s new parents need to be more vigilant than ever when choosing products for correct babies. The joy of choosing your child’s stroller, crib, toys, bottles, and clothing has been intimidated by fear of chemical dyes that come in the form of life-threatening carcinogens found in plastics , paint finishes and fabric fibers that can come into contact with sensitive new skin and cause harmful rashes and side effects in newborns. It’s important to arm yourself with the proper knowledge of where, when, and how the products you choose for your family were made.

Five main ingredients to avoid when buying baby products:

Phthalates – Chemicals found in most conventional consumer products and found in soft plastic toys, such as baby bath toys. They are also found in baby powders, baby shampoos, lotions, and fragrances.

Mineral oil – one of the most commonly used products for babies and potentially the most dangerous. Serious carcinogens can be found in mineral oil. Mineral oil, also known as baby oil, can dehydrate a baby’s skin by blocking the absorption of natural moisture.

Lanolin – Often used to moisturize or diaper cream can cause an allergic skin rash on contact. Lanolin, derived from sheep, also contains pesticides that were used in wool and sheep products.

Cornstarch: Not recommended for use in yeast related diaper rash, cornstarch stimulates yeast growth which will perpetuate diaper rash rather than cure it.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Before you buy baby shampoo, think again. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used primarily to create lather in bath and body products. It can cause irritation to a baby’s scalp, as well as penetrate a baby’s eyes and systemic tissue; This is of concern for babies who are experiencing substantial eye growth.

Most of the ingredients found in popular brand adult and baby skin care products are extremely harmful to delicate and sensitive new skin. When you make the conscious decision to buy pure, natural and green organic baby products for your baby, you are investing in his good health and giving him the best gift ever, a good start in an otherwise polluted world

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