What does Gambling in a House-less Blockchain Casino look like?

Blockchain Casino

Gambling has certainly altered through the years, and when we glance far enough back we are able to begin to see the progress of gambling. However, when we turn to the long run, we might discover that the…

Technological Trends in Gambling and Casino Industry

Gambling and Casino Industry

Based on Don and Alex Tapscott, the authors of Blockchain Revolution (2016), gambling blockchain technologies are an incorruptible digital list of transactions that records not only financial transactions but virtually everything of worth. Blockchain technology provides the opportunity…

KamaGames and the Social Casino Market

social casino kamagames

The social casino marketplace is who is fit, but KamaGames can also be performing well when compared to industry’s strong standards. A current report by Superdata has examined the social casino marketplace for the 4th quarter of 2017…

How Huuuge Casino Became the #1 Social Casino Game

Huuuge Casino

Today, Huuuge Casino may be the fastest growing casino application on the planet, but like all things existence, it wasn’t an upright path in the first type of code at the begining of 2014 to the present position….

Gambling and Data Science


Can Vegas be beaten? Most likely not. With recent alterations in gambling laws and regulations across the nation, gambling in sport has become more prevalent. It’s something which is freely debated at ESPN and it has created a…

Explore The World Of Live Casino


Asiabet33 is Malaysia’s leading website offering games for online betting. All games are Google certified and readily available for both cell phones and desktops. Through their technology and experienced team they’ve effectively taken the real essence of casino…

Crypto-Casino or Crypto World?

Crypto World

Are you currently a part of a brand new era of decentralized currencies and applications which will alter the world as you may know it, or play the next-less crypto baric game? Well … there’s most likely something…