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Wedding cards matter a great deal when you are planning your wedding. You want the best card to break the special news to your loved ones. It’s a tricky choice as so many options are available in the market. The one basic principle of choosing a card for you is to figure out your event’s theme. Here we will mention the best save the date wedding magnets and cards so that the process of choosing a wedding invite for your big day is made easier.

Hidden garden save the date cards

First on the list is the mesmerizing hidden garden save the date card. This card is perfect if you want your wedding to have a natural and elegant theme. This design incorporates vines and neutral color schemes so that the end product is enchanting. The card contains your names on the right side written in mocha brown typography on a cream-colored background.

A picture of the couple is placed framed in a vintage foliage frame on the left. The foliage plays a significant role in making the card look more magical and fairytale-like. You can customize the card according to your preferences to further complement the aesthetic you have in mind. You can even decide to keep the card’s shape rounded or square.

Southern romance save the date card

Want your cards to have a romantic vibe to them with lots of flowers? Then this wedding save the dates design would be ideal for you. The card contains flowers following a strict color scheme, and the information is placed in the middle with a round frame having a color that complements the florals. This card is unique and captivating. It’s perfect if you have a fairytale wedding with extravagant decor.

Alluring florals save the date card

When we think of marriage and love, flowers and floral patterns are the first things that come to mind. It will never lose its charm no matter how the mainstream floral pattern gets. This card is designed so that the floral pattern doesn’t look overdone. The card contains the date and the couple’s name in the middle with basic black typography and white background. To make it look more exciting, florals are added to the top and bottom of the card.

This gives a nice finishing touch to the card and keeps it minimalistic at the same time. This is one of the most romantic cards you will come across. It’s very subtle and great for people who are not interested in loud designs and want something minimalistic for their big day.

Stunning stardust clear save the date card

The stunning stardust clear save the date card has won over many customers. Its main reason is the fact that it is unique. With a clear base, this card mentions the event’s details in teh middle with elegant calligraphy in white. There are specks of stardust surrounding the text, which give this card a stunning and innocent look. Many people are completely amazed by this design because of its unique concept. You can customize the text according to your preference and even add foil touches if you desire.

Night deco save the date card

Night deco cards are both romantic and stylish. If you want all eyes on you, then this might be the ideal design for you. With your favorite picture of you with your partner filling the background which slowly darkens at the bottom, this card design is an absolute treat to look at. An enchanting golden frame is placed to frame the card’s edges, and your information is written in golden and cream-colored typography. The event details are mentioned below the announcement. This design is nothing but a delight. If you want to make your wedding cards make a strong impression on your guests, this design will surely do the job.


Weddings are important, and we realize the panic that arises when we can’t find an attractive design that we like. It is normal to obsess over what wedding invite design you should use. To help you decide, here we provide you with the best wedding invites that have made a mark on many. Save the date is an amazing platform to find your ideal card design, whether it be for your wedding day or a simple thank you card.

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