The Common Causes of Denver Pedestrian Accidents

Denver pedestrian accident lawyers

Whether it’s a motor vehicle-pedestrian accident, a pedestrian collision with an animal, or a pedestrian being hit by an object from a construction site, the consequences can be devastating. There are many cities in the US that have developed plans for pedestrian-friendly cities. However, one of the worst cities for pedestrian safety is Denver. The city had originally been planned as a car-traveling city, meaning there are no proper pathways for pedestrians. This has led to many issues for those who do not have access to cars or public transport and could often result in accidents. The Denver pedestrian accident lawyers are working hard to recover the losses of pedestrian accident victims and ultimately reduce the number of pedestrian accidents.

We’ll explain what injuries could appear after a pedestrian accident.

Being hit by a falling sign

Signs can fall from scaffolding or buildings.

Signs can fall from moving vehicles, such as a truck backing up and hitting a sign.

Signs can also fall from overpasses and bridges where there is no scaffolding. For example, if you’re crossing an overpass on your way to work one day and someone drives onto the bridge behind you, it will likely cause your car to crash into theirs at high speed.

Motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents caused by speeding drivers

Speeding is a leading cause of pedestrian accidents in Denver. In fact, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), speeding drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than those who are not speeding.

Speeding drivers are also more likely to be at fault for a pedestrian accident. According to CDOT statistics, about half of all fatal and injury crashes involve speeding vehicles; these crashes also account for about half of all vehicle-pedestrian collisions that lead to death or serious injuries.

Motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents caused by drunk drivers

Pedestrians are more likely to be injured in motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents caused by drunk drivers. The most common causes of pedestrian accidents are:

  • Motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents caused by drunk drivers. In 2017, 32 percent of all pedestrian deaths were due to motor vehicles. Drunken driving is also responsible for an estimated 2 million injuries every year and over 100,000 fatalities per year in the United States alone. Drunken driving is a serious problem because it puts both people at risk as well as other motorists on the road (who may not see a person stumbling into traffic).
  • People who are intoxicated may not be able to judge space and distance well enough when walking down the street at night or crossing busy roads during rush hour traffic. They could also walk into traffic without looking first.

Motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents caused by aggressive drivers

  • Aggressive driving is a form of road rage.
  • It’s more common for drivers to be involved in accidents when they are aggressive, which can lead to pedestrian injuries.
  • Aggressive drivers are more likely to cause accidents because they’re less able to deal with things like traffic jams or stop signs quickly and efficiently. They also tend to be impatient and fail to look both ways before crossing streets or making turns (or stopping).


As you can see from the information above, Denver pedestrian accidents can be caused by many factors, from distracted drivers and pedestrians to reckless drivers and pedestrians. Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian, we hope you will take the information above and use it to make the roadways safer for everyone.

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