Use Hair Straightener to Straighten Your Hair

When it comes to beauty, it is every woman’s dream to have long, sleek, shiny, and straight hair. This kind of style looks great in any formal or informal outfit. But straightening hair the correct way takes some practice. Here is a guide that will help women achieve the look they are after.

At first to protect your hair health, you need to use the ceramic Ion hair straightener, those ion flat irons you can buy from ceramic hair straightener company or the shop, of course some time a hair straightener manufacturer may not sell this one or two flat irons to your, then you can go to their online shop.

When you are straightening your curls with a hair straightener or flat iron, look for steam or listen to the sizzling sound that comes out of this device. This is when you should stop and evaluate the situation. Your hair must be bone dry when you straighten it, or if that is not the reason why you hear the sizzling sound, it could be because of the gel build-up in the strands. Iron clamps tend to boil the strands into the follicle so it is best to use a styling gel that protects your tresses from frying.

No girl wants her locks to sizzle, but without the help of styling gel, this will not be possible. Prior to using your flat irons, coat your tresses with a spray in order to protect the strands from being exposed to heat. This will also reduce frizz and prevent the hair from getting too dry. If your tresses are thick, use argan oil for styling.

Most flat irons go up to 450 degrees, but this heat is not suitable for everyone. Coarse hair needs high heat, however, finer curls will get damaged and should stay within 300 to 350 degrees. Always pay attention to the temperature setting of your flat iron, otherwise you could end up frying your locks.

When you start the straightening task, you should not randomly grab a fistful of curls. The iron will not be able to straighten thick pieces. Instead, split the strands into sections and work with two sections at a time. If your curls are thick, consider clipping them into 4 sections for best results.

If your curls are frizzy, the finishing product is going to work miracles. It is best to avoid using silicone gels that are found in shine agents. A light spray is a better option, but always wait a few minutes for your tresses to cool down before applying the spray.

You can start by spraying a nylon comb with your chosen product before combing it through your tresses for even application. This way, your straightened locks will not get sticky or stiff. This process should be applied every time you use flat irons.

The best flat irons are made of ceramic as they are softer and gentler. But they are only suitable for thin tresses. If your curls are thicker, look for titanium or gold plates. These types of flat irons give the added shine you are looking for.

Flat irons are not just for long tresses. Smaller sized straighteners are suitable for people with spiky or short hairstyles. There is no need to worry about the effects of these products on your follicles as blow dryers can cause greater damage, especially if you use them on wet hair. To buy the most suitable flat iron, make sure you do your research and browse through the factory or the suppliers’

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