Vaping Etiquette Guide 2021

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Most people are confused about vaping etiquette or where you can and can’t vape. There are millions of e-cigarette users, and most of them still don’t know how to go about it. Vaping has a lower risk than traditional smoking. That is why vaping is allowed in some of the no-smoking zones. However, that doesn’t mean you should not mind the people around you. Vaping etiquette is very important; it will help you navigate the social minefield without pissing people off all the time. This guide will help you enjoy vaping correctly whilst keeping others safe.


Avoid Crowded Areas 


Vaping in large crowds is a big no in 2021. You will annoy a lot of people because e-cigarettes produce large clouds of water vapour. If you can’t wait until you get home, find an outdoor space without many people around. Move away from anyone in a mask, especially where they are not legally required to wear masks. If they are taking extra precautions, vaping close to them will not be polite behaviour.


Always Ask 


Many social places like restaurants and bars are normally smoke-free zones. Even if vaping is not smoking, the vapour can easily be mistaken for smoke and cause people around you to be wary. To be polite, always ask for their vaping policy before you start vaping in such places. If you are not allowed, you should keep your vape pen away until you leave. Many people find it disrespectful when you blow the vapour into their faces, especially when you are strangers.


When you are indoors with friends and family, you also need to be considerate and ask. It’s not okay to assume everyone is fine with you vaping, no matter how sweet the vapour smells. If the host and the rest of the guests present are okay with it, you are free to whip out your vaping kit and enjoy your favourite e-juice. The same goes for public transportations, always ask those around you before you start using or wait until you are alone.


Don’t Vape Around Kids. 


Most parents don’t tolerate vaping around their children. Suppose you are in a social gathering that involves children; it’s best to avoid it completely. Whether you feel vaping is harmless or not, the parents have all the say regarding their children. To avoid being the annoying person who will not be invited to other parties and social events, leave your vape kit home.


Sub-Ohm Vaping Should Be Done In Private 


Sub-ohm vaping is trendy and fun because it produces big clouds of dense vapour. But it is also inconsiderate when you do it in public. The people around you will not avoid inhaling the vapour because the clouds are very large and dense. The vapour will also scare anyone who has lung complications or is at risk close to you. If you are in a queue or sitting with other people, sub-ohm vaping will not be ideal. If you want to be mindful of others, you should try sub-ohm vaping in private. You can use it at home, in a large garden or somewhere people will not inhale the vapours directly.




These tips are the main ones you need to be aware of, but there is a lot more you have to think about before vaping in public. You always need to be considerate of other people to avoid problems when you enjoy your hobby. Many unwritten rules apply depending on who you are vaping with or where you are vaping from. If you are in doubt, keep your vape pen until you are in a secluded space.



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