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warframe arbitration

Arbitrations are a unique form of Alert Mission in Warframe. These missions take the form of elite level endless missions with modifiers that increase the difficulty. Once you unlock the arbitrations, they will be displayed in the Operation window. Only one arbitration can be active at a time and it will change every hour.

How to access arbitrations

To access arbitrations, you must have completed all the missions available on the star map at least once. The only exceptions to this are the Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem nodes. If you want to check which nodes you still need to complete, you can do so by talking to the Hexis referees on one of the relays.

The mission itself has a difficulty rating of 60-80 and will only occur on nodes that typically host endless mission types. These include missions of defense, excavation, survival, interception, defection or infested recovery.

Once you have access to it, you can initiate Shelter Missions from the Alerts menu on the navigation screen.

Arbitration rules

Arbitrations are not like other missions and follow their own rules, so be sure to be aware of this before embarking on any of these high difficulty missions. These rules are as follows.

  • You cannot revive yourself or revive other players. There is no bleeding timer, so once you lose all of your HP you die instantly.
  • Other players can revive you by collecting Resurgence tokens that drop from Arbitration drones. These only start to drop when a player is tied.
  • They need to bring five of the tokens to the capsule that will appear on your body when you die to revive you.
  • While wearing these tokens, you suffer a debuff that reduces health, shields, and drains energy.
  • The reward rotation is ABCC, it replaces the AABC rotation of regular missions and allows you to get better loot for your efforts. Once the spin hits C it stays there until you leave, it won’t revert back to A or B.
  • Rotations have double the duration of regular missions, so will give rewards every 10 minutes instead of every 5 minutes.
  • On Survival Missions, Survival Pods will only provide 75% of their usual value.
  • When intercepting, enemy towers will fill up twice as fast as usual.
  • Defense missions will have a traveling NPC, much like in defense exit missions.
  • While digging, the required defense time is reduced from 100 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • While defecting, the rescue target cannot be restored.
  • On Infested Salvage, consoles only have half of their usual health.
  • Arbitration Shield drones can spawn in all missions. They will make nearby enemy units immune to all damage and abilities of Warframe. When destroyed, they will explode with a large area of ​​effect, dealing explosion damage to nearby enemies.
  • Each mission will grant you + 300% random power bonus and + 300% damage bonus to a random Warframe and weapon. It may be different for each player.

Arbitration rewards

You can find the potential drops for each spin below. Remember that the rotation pattern is A-B-C-C and does not reset. Once you hit rotation C, it will stay there until you leave.

One of the best advice I can give is to use the Warframe and the weapon that gets the bonus when you can. The extra damage will make previous waves trivial and allow you to complete the mission much longer as the difficulty increases.

If you’re worried about staying alive, classic tank options include Rhino, Inaros, and Nidus. That’s about all you need to know about offsets, it’s really about getting stuck in the mode and learning from experience.

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