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There are many Legendary Pokémon that you can capture in the Crown Tundra expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Hildryn in Warframe is what I would call an active tank. What I mean by that is you have to constantly use and balance her abilities to keep her alive. While Rhino’s Iron Hide places him in the passive tank category, along with Hildryn you’ll be using a particular ability a lot to keep her alive. In this guide, I’ll go over what I consider to be a good, and fairly achievable, Hildryn build for just about anyone in the game.

Hildryn Building Guide

You can see the mods I am using for this version above. Before we get into the reasons why I have used certain Mods, we should talk a bit about what makes Hildryn unique among Warframes. Hildryn has a lot of shields and very little health, and she also uses her shields instead of energy to boost her abilities. This gives Hildryn some advantages over other Warframes. She has a huge reservoir of regenerating power for her abilities, and she doesn’t need to worry about enemies like Cancellators and Disruptors.

If you use a Sentinel with the Guardian mod, fully ranked, it will instantly refill its shields and reset its passive. Her first ability is an exalted weapon called Balefire. You can use gun mods to make it more powerful, and it fires a slow projectile that can be charged for more damage, but at the cost of more shield drainage. It also deals AoE damage which is increased by range mods.

Her second ability, Plunder, emits a large circular pulse that strips enemies of their shields and armor, then bounces off Hildryn, charging her shields. This pulse will also remove all of Hildryn’s status effects, allowing you to protect yourself from anything that can bypass your shields like Slash triggers. Hildryn can also use this ability to generate Overshields, which makes her exceptionally tanky.

Her third ability is called Haven and will protect allies and damage enemies. Hildryn will link to anything in range, friend or foe. Friendly Warframes and Companions will receive increased shield ability and recharge rate, while enemies will take radiation damage. Each linked enemy and friendly unit will increase the shield drain of that ability.

Her final ability is Aegis Storm, where she uses thrusters to lift herself into the air. You can also reactivate your ability, and Hildryn will strike the ground, knocking down and further damaging enemies with impact damage. The only weapons you can use while her 4th ability is active are her Balefire magazines, and you can’t use her second ability during that time. These legendaries aren’t the only returning faces you see. Oleana, President Rose’s secretary and the game’s antagonist, returns and you can find her in the Crown Tundra region.

The trick to getting her to appear is to talk to Peonia multiple times. You can find her in the Max Lair in the Slippery Slope area. Go inside and talk to him a few times. She will be about a woman with long hair who visits a grave night after night, looking for something around. You may need to complete several of the story’s legendary adventures before Peonia makes this reference.

The tomb Peonia speaks of is the one south of Giant’s Bed. Head over to it on your bike to examine it.

Head to the graveyard and you should find Oleana standing on a grave next to a den. Start talking with her and a cutscene will trigger. Once the cutscene is complete, you are free to continue your Crown Tundra adventure.

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