Warframe – How To Farm Mesa Prime Relics

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The all-new Warframe Prime has arrived. For the golden treatment, this time it’s Mesa, and she looks pretty chic. Digital Extremes took a look at the cowgirl concept for this one, and Mesa Prime looks like the kind of thing Westworld bots would come up with if they felt in the mood to look super fancy while murdering people. The Relics you need to get the coins for this Prime can simply be farmed in-game, so let’s take a look at what you need.

How to Farm Mesa Prime Relics

To get your hands on Mesa Prime, you will need the following Relics:

  • Lith M3 – Neuroptics
  • Neo Z2 – Master Plan
  • Neo M2 – Systems
  • Axi H4 – Chassis

The Axi and Neo Relics can be cultivated quite easily on Xini (Eris) and Hieracon on Pluto. Hieracon is slightly faster and also doubles as a cryotic farm. You can even score a bit of Endo while doing this farm, which is worth it for people at almost every stage of the game. However, Hieracon is a favorite place for farming, so when you join another group, be sure to discuss with them what they are doing, as this will avoid any problems if one person wants to stay much longer than everyone else.

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For Lith Relics, I like the Void Capture missions. It doesn’t take long at all to just run to the capture target, detonate it, and then exit, allowing it to be farmed multiple times in quick succession. The odds of getting a Meso or Neo Relic are also pretty good, so you might find yourself getting the Neo Z2 and Neo M2 you need as well. You shouldn’t have much of a problem farming all of those Mesa Prime Relics.

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