Where to find Oleana in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra

oleana pokemon

There are many Legendary Pokémon that you can capture in the Crown Tundra expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield. You can try to capture them in the Dynamax adventures or by playing the history of the game. These legendaries aren’t the only returning faces you see. Oleana, President Rose’s secretary and the game’s antagonist, returns and you can find her in the Crown Tundra region.

The trick to getting her to appear is to talk to Peonia multiple times. You can find her in the Max Lair in the Slippery Slope area. Go inside and talk to him a few times. She will be about a woman with long hair who visits a grave night after night, looking for something around. You may need to complete several of the story’s legendary adventures before Peonia makes this reference.

The tomb Peonia speaks of is the one south of Giant’s Bed. Head over to it on your bike to examine it.

Head to the graveyard and you should find Oleana standing on a grave next to a den. Start talking with her and a cutscene will trigger. It’s a little nod to the original part of the game, and it’s fun to see the expansion added. Once the cutscene is complete, you are free to continue your Crown Tundra adventure.

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