Where to find Reaper fabric and scarf of choice in Pokémon Sword and Shield

choice scarf

Special items in Pokémon Sword and Shield make your life much easier. Several of them are useful because they allow certain Pokémon to achieve certain evolutions or improve their statistics in combat. Reaper cloth is one of the items you need to evolve Pokémon, and the Scarf of Choice increases Pokémon battle stats during a fight.

To begin with, you must receive an old letter from a little girl. You can find the person in question in Hammerlocke. When you first arrive at the entrance to the city, go right and go down the path until you reach a staircase on the left. Go up, then go left. You should see a little girl standing next to the big building. Talk to her and she tells you that she has a love letter to give to someone in Ballonlea.

Make your way to Ballonlea and when you get to town, go left of the town’s Pokémon center and go up a small staircase. You want the first house immediately after the stairs. Go inside and look for the older gentleman with blond hair. Talk to him and he will tell you how he was childhood friends with the person who gave you the letter. This quest allows you to receive the scarf of choice.

The scarf of choice is a useful item as it increases the Pokémon’s speed statistic. However, this limits them to only using the first move they make in a battle. So if you have a Pokémon holding this item, use a tackle for the first attack in a battle, that’s all it can do until the end. You have to think carefully about the movement you want them to use.

However, you are not yet finished. After receiving the scarf of choice, you must return to Hammerlocke and return to where you spoke to the little girl and started the quest. When you come back, you see that she is no longer there. There is also no spark on the ground near her. You need to approach where she was standing and spam the A Button. Eventually, you should pick up a piece of Reaper’s Scarf after you’ve been walking around that spot long enough.

You must give the Reaper fabric to Dusclops before trading them to a friend to evolve into Dusknoir.

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