Why Penetration Isn’t Essential During Tantric Massage…

Tantric massage is a completely new way of being immersed in a massage connection that gives you access to deeper levels of feeling, sensation, and energy, as well as more of who you are. This path is straightforward but meaningful: It’s about fully appreciating the integrity of our bodies and urges while also bringing a level of conscious awareness to our shared pleasant experience. It can help you shed shame, trauma, and massage-related obstacles, allowing your sensual energy to alter you and lead to some of the most immense orgasms imaginable. Sensuality becomes a pathway to beingness, to the divine, and also to a more personal experience of the current moment as a result of this comprehensive approach. In this article, we’ll be looking at why the sensual massage doesn’t rely heavily on the act of penetration in order to achieve its goal.

What Is Tantric Massage?

A tantric massage is a form of intimacy that is a part of the tantric spiritual path. Tantric intimacy may be summarised as a method of massage intercourse that aligns the flame of your physical desire, passion, and cravings with your heart, soul, and a feeling of goodness in your life. When these forces are in perfect unity, interpersonal magic begins to fly, and massage is transformed into something therapeutic, powerful, transcendent, and deeply beautiful. This is the sort of romance that makes you and your lover feel completely linked, aligned, tremendously potent, and overflowing with the deepest respect and affection. This level of closeness awakens your deepest self and fills you with love. Time slows down, your instinct expands, and you may find yourself in almost hallucinogenic worlds of orgasmic possibilities that you had only dreamed about or envisaged.

What Actually Happens During Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage encompasses a wide range of massage practises, not all of which include the penetration and physical pleasure of sensual zones that most people identify with a massage. Slow embraces, delicate caresses, being present inside the body, and concentrating on the transfer of chi between both the partners’ bodies are all part of a normal tantra session. You may find yourself scarcely moving during a tantric massage, and your attention is drawn to the spiritual, devotional aspect. You may enjoy yourself for hours if you calm down and take things gently, or if you pump up and slow down the motion. People with penises may want to try edging (coming close to climax and then backing off), which helps them last longer and contain more pleasure before exploding. However, when done with mindfulness, any massage energy may be tantric. Tantric massage may transport you to places that are raw, passionate, and primitive, where your body’s instinctive intelligence takes control and you become oblivious to pleasure. Tantric domination and submission are also possible. 


People may utilise their breath and mindfulness to transport massage energy across their entire body, awakening their ability for full-body pleasure, which is key to tantric massage (instead of sensation localised solely in the genitalia).

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Tantric massage Practices & Positions You Should Try



Before you attempt to perform any act of tantra, it is important to understand that disconnecting from the material world and entering the Divine – the domain of joy — is a conscious and purposeful way to prepare for the session. Turn off all electronic equipment, light a candle or incense, and assemble any special delicacies you might have, such as chocolates or berries. Detoxify your home by tidying up; wash yourself by bathing and wearing something nice. In order to be totally present, it’s best to avoid or limit some substances.


There is nowhere to retreat under the strong gaze of your partner, so you practise totally exposing yourself to the other – you can see them fully while also allowing yourself to be fully seen. 

Face your spouse while sitting up upright on a cushion or chair. You can glance from left to right or lightly at both eyes, and you can even clasp hands if you want. Allow the love you have in your heart to shine through your eyes. Admire the pure life power that is energising your beloved as you gaze into their eyes. Together, savour the beauty of this simple experience.


After some eye gazing, this one may typically flow well. Place your hands on your own chest and inhale gently into your body while facing each other with a loving stare. Reach over and lay your right hand on your partner’s heart (with permission) as you feel the affection bubbling up in your heart for them. They can then place their right hand on your heart. The left hand of each individual then covers the hand on their own heart. Slow, steady, restorative breaths should be in-synchrony with your breathing.


A tantric massage is a full-body therapy that focuses on specific chakras to help with energy movement throughout the body and massage stimulation. The recipient must be entirely relaxed in order to produce waves of energy, and it is the masseur’s job to truly connect with the person they are massaging and determine how they react to their touch. It’s an opportunity to let go of all inhibitions, overcome negative limits, and become emotionally awakened and freed if you will.


There are a variety of message-related goals and expectations that put pressure on us to act a specific way, but also habits and patterns that keep us in a message loop. Tantra is about tossing it all out the window and beginning over with a beginner’s mind, reinventing the message as more about compassion, connection, and joyful possibility than a sprint to the climax or a box to be ticked. When you move past objectives, there is virtually infinite freedom for exploration and a vast array of possibilities.

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