Horse Racing Exotic Bets – Mastering the Basics

Horse Racing Exotic Bets

After you have mastered the straight bets, it appears more tempting to put the Horse Racing Exotic bets. If you are a new comer to the sportsbook industry, especially horse racing, you need to take a moment to see and discover the fundamentals before putting your hard earned money around the pay line – helping you save money and time.

The exotic bets provide you with the chance to create multiple bets on multiple horses having a single bet. As it is more difficult to calculate and win bets, exotic bets pay greater than straight bets. To do these missions, you need to be excellent at hindering horses. Otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

There are various kinds of exotic bets:


Using the Exacta bet without a doubt on two different horses, that can come within the exact order in the foremost and second place. So, should you convey a bet on horses Number One and Number 5, you have to win Number One and number Number 5 so that you can win money – in almost any alternative way, and also you lose the bet. These kinds of bets are very popular simply because they can offer fruitful rewards, however they require lots of understanding and experience of horse betting.

Horse Racing Exotic Bets


If you opt to win a Quinella, choose two horses, which should be third and fourth, however in any order. It doesn’t matter which from the horses no. 1 with no. 5 ends 1st or 2nd – as lengthy because they are in third and fourth place, won by you!

Trifecta Exotic bets

Within the Trifecta bet, you select three horses and bet they take first, second and third place, however in exact order. For instance, for those who have selected horses Number One, Number 5, and # 9 to complete within the top three places, you will have to win in precisely that order to get your hard earned money.


As it would seem, within the Superfecta bet you have to choose four different horses and put your bet so they come first, second, third. And 4th in the identical order that you placed your bet. The Superfecta bets are challenging win, but they’re popular since the minimum bet is frequently only 10 cents. Making the Superfecta bet practical and economical.

Bear in mind that placing a very beautiful bet is more expensive money. And you must have in-depth understanding and experience of horse racing. It’s really a helpful advice to stay more towards the straight bets. A minimum of the very first couple of occasions.

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