Picking the Right Swim Spa for you

above ground swim spas

One of the advantages of getting a swim spa is that it can function as a hot tub whenever you want a nice long soak. There are a lot of purposes that the spa can offer the entire family, and this is something to consider when you want to relax after a long stressful day. See more about relaxation and hot tubs on this page here.

When it comes to choosing the right tub, it’s best to prioritize the quality more than the budget. Spending a bit more for a durable and premium amenity will be worth it in the long run. Another factor to consider is the comfort where the entire family should be able to stretch their legs and have enough space for the others to socialize and talk. Here are some tips that you may find helpful for picking the right one.

1. Knowing about the Different Categories

Before you can get other tips, the first thing to know about is the different categories available. Here’s a quick overview of them:

An Entry-Level Spa – This is one of the most affordable out there, and they provide an essential swim-in-place experience. Other brands will have turbulence-free features with airless jets, and there’s enough space so you can engage in activities like aerobics and hydromassage.

Mid-Levels – Mid-Levels are powerful and more versatile. They are ideal for people who are doing resistance workouts and rowing since they have the extra space. This will be more dynamic than an entry-level, and others have dual temperatures that will enable you complete control. Several jets are present for a superior feel and to deliver more resistance.

Premiums – The premier or premiums will give you the ultimate experience in relaxation, fitness, and swimming. They are longer, wider, and deeper units that will accommodate a wide range of workouts and exercises. This is a generation with non-turbulent currents, paddlewheels, and propellers, and it’s even possible to get a treadmill installed in one of them. The hydromassage has better ergonomics and is more targeted.

2. Learning More about the Workout Options and Health Benefits

At a fraction of the costs and size of a traditional swimming pool, the spas are often an excellent choice with their own punches. This will provide you with hydrotherapies and aquatic fitness that you may be looking for, and they will give you significant improvements over the land-based exercises. See more about hydrotherapy in this url: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/hydrotherapy.

Hydromassage provides therapeutic and wellness benefits for many. You’ll have the chance to run on an underwater treadmill, do some cycling, power up with the aerobics, and enjoy rowing. This will depend on the accessories that you’re going to choose, but overall, you’ll get some valuable benefits in the long run.

3. Pick the Right Size and the Model

Decide on the location of the spa before you buy one. Some models are called single-shell that can fit in smaller areas. Others have pre-wired and pre-plumbed features so that you can install them in outdoor locations. Still, there are molded acrylic models that will allow you to install them on any level surface that you choose.

Possible spots where you could install this includes your garage, basement, outdoor patio, baths, and other enclosures. Other placement inspirations are available online, and you might need a bit of planning for the best results.

4. Know How Much Space You Have

swim spa

Once you have decided on the right spot, check out the dimensions and guides from the manufacturers so you’ll get one that will easily fit inside the room. Don’t forget to leave adequate space for traffic and get accurate measurements.

Sample dimensions include one with a capacity of 1,400 gallons of water that’s 12 ft. in length. When it’s dry, the above ground swim spas could weigh up to 1800 pounds, and these could become 15,000 pounds once you fill it with water. Others have a treadmill available so you could get a 1,700 gallons capacity and 58 inches in size. Products can differ from each other, including the general functionality and options, so it’s best to discuss everything with spa dealers.

5. Wish List and Extra Additions

It’s fun to add features that will spruce up your entire hot water tub experience. Some of the options for the bells and whistles are:

Current: These may employ various jets that give more resistance for a superior feel. Others have swimming lanes for laminar flows, and some have zero turbulence.

Hydromassage Jets: This is an optional feature for some models but getting a hydromassage functionality would mean that you’ll need to buy the ones on the upper-tiers.

Hydraulic Treadmill: Treadmills underwater will develop your core, upper body muscles, and legs. This can be an excellent workout opportunity for you, and an aquatic treadmill is often exclusive with premium brands.

Bluetooth Sound Systems: Pair audio through a Bluetooth sound system when you’re in a hydrotherapy session for a more enhanced experience.

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