Reusable Cotton Bags Helps in Reducing Carbon Footprints

Reusable mesh produce bags

Reusable cotton bags require less energy to manufacture as compared to plastic bags. As a result, these bags help to reduce carbon footprints. Reusable mesh produce bags can be reused approximately 131 times to mitigate global warming when compared to single-use plastic bags. Reducing your carbon footprints is an eco-friendly way of life that may seem off-putting, but is utterly achievable. The carbon reference relates to carbon emissions while burning fossil fuels or plastic material. These emitting carbons are dangerous for our ecology system. There are numerous ways to reduce carbon footprint. The first and foremost is to stop using and throwing plastic. Dumping of Plastic takes millions of years to degrade and continue to emit harmful emissions. Switch over to other alternatives like reusable cotton bags to get rid of the situation.

Role of Reusable Bags in Protecting Marine Life & Soil Contamination

The mesh bags are biodegradable and can be reused multiple times. On the other hand, plastic bags are considered non-biodegradable. They often fly here and there to fill trucks, and landfills. When plastic bags end up in the landfills and get exposed to sunlight for a long duration of time they go through physical breakdown and release toxic chemicals. Ultraviolet rays make this plastic even more fragile and break it into several smaller pieces. Many small fragments get mixed with soil and in water sediments. They are often chosen up by streams and end up contributing to oceanic rubbish deposits. Scientists have discovered that plastics release many destructive chemicals that harm marine life when ingested and therefore using mesh produce bags is the best option. Moreover, for hungry sea turtles, it is not possible to discriminate between jellyfish and floating plastic bags. They eat thousands of plastic bags in a year and transfer it into the food chain of bigger fish and marine mammals which becomes the ultimate cause of their death. Thus, by using reusable cloth bags, we are saving marine life and our ecosystem as well.

Use of Cotton Cloth Bags as Shopping Incentive

Now when you go shopping, almost all the retailers charge for the plastic bag to keep your buying. Bringing your cotton cloth bag will save your money hence considered as the shopping inducement. We can use these reusable bags for a number of times and numerous purposes. The number of times to use reusable bags depends upon the type of usage. In some other cases, mesh produce bags are used over 100 times before being disposed of, consequently far better for the environment. That is why it is becoming more and more frequent to see people using their cloth bags when they go shopping. Many countries and companies around the world are looking to lessen the use of plastic bags by taxing or banning them.

Multi-purpose And Easy to Use

Cotton bags can be used to store many different items like toys, shoes, grocery, books etc. You can use reusable bags to store items and to take them to grocery stores to carry vegetables and groceries. These bags are simple to carry more weight than the similar sized plastic bags. The produce bags help to easily stock up stuff in the cabinets, fridge, and cupboards. On the whole, the best reusable mesh produce bag can be used in the same way you use a plastic bag, but with minimal impact to the environment. The best part is these bags can be reused numerous times and for the number of purposes like:

  • Carrying things for outing days, such as beach days to keep sunglasses, towels and swimming stuff.
  • Making cushions by snipping off the handles and filling soft stuff into the bag.
  • Can be used as a baby’s diaper bag. It has ample space to keep wipes, nappies, extra clothes and bottles.
  • Can keep everything together, additionally easy to clean if you have a spill.
  • Putting things in different compartments to better organise.

Reusable shopping bags are for everybody!

There is a wide range of reusable mesh produce bags in the market for the use of everyone. The fantastic thing is that it is easy to store these bags as they can be folded up to the size of a handkerchief. They tend to be made of more than one material to give a trendy look and to add street appeal. There are different types of reusable cotton bags and each different person can use them for his or her purpose. For instance, old people can keep their needy stuff and can carry it easily without any pressure to their fingers. Mothers can keep their baby’s things in these bags and can take it out for travelling.

To conclude, the use of reusable bags is the key to reduce the environmental impact of plastic by using them as many times as possible. Whatever type of cloth or jute bag you choose to use is quite affordable and handy to use for different purposes.

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