Understanding the Causes and Complications Associated with Pertussis

Causes and Complications Associated with Pertussis

The individuals exhibiting signs of bacterial infection must consult a pulmonologist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct tests to diagnose the illness and its severity. Timely diagnosis help select the suitable treatment plan for smooth recovery.

Pertussis is a contagious airway infection that can cause multiple complications, such as dehydration and pneumonia. Children are at a higher risk of suffering from pertussis; however, the vaccine can prevent the condition and related complications. The patient must seek medical attention as it can become a life-threatening disease.

What symptoms correlate with pertussis?

The common symptoms of pertussis are:

  • The symptoms become visible after ten days of contracting the infection. The patient suffers from nasal congestion and a runny nose. It can cause extreme discomfort and anxiety.
  • The caregivers can notice redness in the eyes. Watery eyes can affect vision.
  • The patient suffers from low-grade fever, which can cause hindrance in engaging in physical activities.
  • The accumulation of mucus causes cough and may worsen without treatment.
  • The patient may vomit due to coughing.
  • Infants suffering from pertussis are at a higher risk of shortness of breath.
  • The patient suffering from infection remains lethargic due to physical weakness.

What causes an individual to suffer from pertussis?

The causes of pertussis include:

  • The bacterial infection spreads by coming in contact with an infected person.
  • The droplets of cough can travel and infect other people.
  • Caregivers must remain conscious of the physical health of the child. It is essential to vaccinate the child against infections to prevent complications.

What preventative measures reduce the risk of contracting bacterial infection?

The preventative measures include:

  • Caregivers must provide a clean and hygienic environment to the infants. It is essential to restrict the child’s physical contact with a stranger. Primary caregivers should wash their hands before feeling the child.
  • Individuals must wash their hands before consuming food.
  • Individuals exhibiting signs of infection should isolate themselves to prevent the spread to other people.
  • Individuals with respiratory diseases should wear a mask in crowded areas to prevent complications.

What are the complications associated with pertussis?

The complications associated with pertussis are:

  • The individuals exhibiting signs of infection should seek medical attention to avoid rib fractures due to excessive coughing.
  • The patients must increase their fluid intake to prevent dehydration. Dehydration can affect the skin’s health and hinder the functioning of vital organs.
  • The untreated condition can cause pneumonia. It can affect the healing process and cause further complications.
  • The caregivers must prioritize the dietary intake of the child suffering from an infection. It can cause a weight change. The irrational change in weight affects the skin health and functioning of the organs.
  • The patient is at a higher risk of suffering from sleep problems. It can cause anxiety and agitation. It affects the functioning of the child, which can affect their personal and professional life.
  • The untreated condition can cause seizures. The patient must seek medical help, or the infection can spread to the brain and cause permanent damage.

What tests help diagnose an individual with pertussis?

The tests that help diagnose individuals suffering from pertussis are:

  • Throat and Nose Culture Test:The test examines the discharge from the nose and throat to detect the presence of bacteria. It helps identify that the individual is suffering from a bacterial infection.
  • Blood Testing:The test helps check abnormality in the levels of blood cells. Also, it confirms the infection in the body that correlates with the symptoms.
  • Imaging Test:X-ray helps detect the abnormality in the lungs that indicate damage.

The individuals diagnosed with a bacterial infection affecting the respiratory system must discuss their symptoms with a competent and reliable pulmonologist in Karachi. The doctor will provide guidance regarding the preventative measures and the latest treatment plan for a smooth recovery without further complications.

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