How to get to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley – Repairing Willy’s boat

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In Stardew Valley update 1.5, players were given a load of new endgame content to go through. There are even new ways to play the game, like shuffling Community Bundles to make them more difficult, rather than containing the same tasks. For those looking for some of the new items and animals in the final game content, you’re probably looking for ways to get to the brand new location called Ginger Island.

If you want to reach this region, you will need to complete the set of community groups in the community center. Once you’ve done that, Willy will send you a letter a few days later to try and fix his boat. You can find him in his shop. Approach the store and go to the back door. There will be a quick cutscene, and then after that there are three items that you need to complete to repair the boat.

  • Five battery packs
  • 200 pieces of hardwood
  • Five iridium bars

You can get the batteries by making lightning rods and waiting for a thunderstorm to appear. Lightning will hit these rods randomly during the storm, and if you see the rod pulsing, you will know you have a battery waiting for you. Hardwood and Iridium bars are probably the easiest, hardwood from large stumps that spawn in Secret Woods, the Forest Farm, or random Drops and Boxes that come from mines. For iridium bars you will need to locate five iridium ores and a piece of coal to melt into a bar. Pieces of Iridium Ore spawn from high level monsters.

Once you have all of that, head back to the boat and you can drive to Ginger Island the next day after the repairs.

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