How Videos Helped Home a Improvement Business?

Home Improvement Business

Video marketing has revolutionized the real estate market in recent years. Customers and businesses are utilizing videos in different forms to derive the best outcome; a convenient search & buy for customers and qualified leads with a higher probability of conversion for businesses.

This blog will explain the advantages, how videos have helped home improvement businesses significantly, and the types of compelling videos for the business.

Let us begin with the types of videos and video marketing plans and continue with the advantages of videos for extraordinary business growth.

The video marketing project for the home improvement business should be a three-stage process.

Three Types of Videos to Promote Home Improvement Business

Walkthrough Video: The first video should show ongoing or previous renovation projects. It should include all the details so that customers can make decisions with all the information at hand.

Video for Brand Awareness: We have covered the importance of videos on social media and YouTube in the following section. Please refer. Create video and post on all the relevant channels and back with content on your website for the maximum advantage.

Testimonial Videos: Take testimonials of existing and previous clients or customers. Edit them with video maker tools and post them on your website and video streaming platforms.

Suppose your home improvement business includes building, repairing, or updating commercial or residential properties. In that case, it is essential to include what they want to see and what your business is all about.

This calls for a comprehensive video marketing plan. You can also take the help of real estate video editing tools for the best impression of your business upon the client. Your video can make or mar the conversion prospects, so make it short & concise with all the relevant points inserted correctly in a synchronised manner.

Real Estate Video Marketing Plan

Competitor Analysis

The web is full of home renovation videos—research and note what they have done great and where they need some polishing. There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’; content is there, take inspiration and build an impressive video marketing plan.

Create One Video at a Time

The next step is to consider the number and frequency of videos. If you have a team dedicated to video making and posting for home improvement businesses, you can go for multiple videos in a week.

However, if you are a one-person show and manage everything yourself, keep it one a week. It will be easier to maintain consistency and quality. Multiple videos shot and broadcast in one week will be practically brutal.

You can use real estate video editor tool to create videos beautifully. To make your brand story clear for the end-user, you can explore and customise colours, brightness, tone, content, and almost everything. You can also try pre-installed templates and themes.

Promote Videos on Social Media Channels

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have a combined user base of over 3 billion globally. So, ignoring social media is nothing less than a blunder for a video marketing plan for your home improvement business.

These are only three; several other social channels have specific markets and user bases. So, social media deserves significant consideration for your video promotion. 

Advantages of Video promotion on social media:

  • Targeted marketing according to demographic and regional details. You will get these details through analytic tools on each social media channel.
  • Targeted marketing gives qualified data with a higher probability of conversion.
  • Scope to approach the new market with a new product or service anywhere globally.
  • Customer feedback and communication in real-time. Refer to Twitter and observe how brands like Airtel, Micromax etc., are active and interact with end-users directly.
  • Scope to build a community of loyal clients who can give referral clients

Tips on Home Improvement and ‘How to Videos

‘How to’ videos are the most searched videos on the web. Explain tips and processes of home improvement through videos. Post them on YouTube and Social Media channels. Next, always respond to comments and communicate with people.

YouTube and Home Improvement Business

Videos and YouTube go hand in hand. We will briefly explain some of the crucial advantages of posting your home improvement videos on the second-largest browser after Google.

  • People upload over 100 hours of videos every 60 seconds on YouTube. The platform receives over 1 billion visitors every month, and it is the third most visited website in the world.
  • Google, in its search results, provides videos against relevant keywords. You can improve your chances to come to the SERP through high-quality content on the website and complementary home improvement videos on YouTube. It will create backlinks and improve your business ranking on Google searches.
  • YouTube can help for authority websites and advertisements on other channels to promote your services.
  • Explore YouTube and its services, and you will be amazed at how you can grow your business by making videos and publishing them on the video streaming platform.

Benefits of Videos for Home Improvement

  • Videos are a proven medium for the fastest delivery of information.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine with excellent real estate video marketing potential.
  • Along with YouTube, businesses should promote videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for maximum exposure and qualified leads. Pinterest is becoming a favourite platform for home improvement businesses. 
  • The study says videos improve trust among customers and retention of existing clientele. More than 85 per cent of Facebook users watch videos on the news feed, and over 88 per cent of people stay on a website with a video rather than a website without one.
  • Video marketing improves user engagement. People are 19 per cent more likely to open an email with a video link. A landing page with a corporate or product video improves conversion by 80 per cent and website watch time.
  • Videos help in training and information about home improvement.
  • HubSpot mentioned in their report that around 51.9 per cent of marketing professionals believe videos as the best medium for desired returns on investment.

Concluding Remarks

The crux of the blog is that video is a powerful medium to promote your business. Keep browsing and keep growing with the unparalleled scope of the internet.

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